The Society of Jesus in Mexico has published a brief video message of the Pope addressed to the Jesuit community in the country.

In the message, Pope Francis asked his Jesuit brothers to continue to work for the dignity of all people: “Keep working for the dignity of Jesus,” he said, “which is working in every man and woman of Mexico.” He repeated, “keep working for the dignity of Jesus” who even on the Cross continued to work for those who crucified Him.

The Pope underlined the importance of Mexico’s youth, saying, “Mexico has a young face.”

He noted, too, that Mexico suffers. But, he continued, Mexico is great, filled with amazing riches. He recognized Mexico’s history, a history that is unique among Latin American countries.

Pope Francis said he was praying for his Jesuit brothers, and asked them to pray for him. He called on them to “make a mess,” repeating one of his most famous sayings. And he asked them, in conclusion, to work for the cause of Blessed Miguel Pro and to pray for the protection of the Virgin of Guadalupe.